Simple Practices that Increase the Safety of Pedestrians

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Pedestrians and drivers alike are responsible for their safety as well as others on the road, especially on cities. The Federal Highway Administration has taken several steps to make pedestrians safe on the highway. Improvement of road infrastructure has also added a variety of safety measures for pedestrians, including redesigned roads and medians that allow for better flow of bicycles and pedestrians. These are a few safety practices for pedestrians.

Walk in Safe Places

A road safety specialist can recommend a pedestrian to use only crosswalks while crossing a busy highway or the street. Alternatively, look for a well-lit street if there is no crosswalk near you and wait until the road is clear to cross to the other lane. Consider staying on the sidewalk whenever possible until when the road is passable. If the highway doesn’t have a street, walk on the far side of the road while facing oncoming vehicles. That helps increase the visibility of a pedestrian, which ultimately bolsters their safety.

Stay Alert

Distractions are now everywhere on the road, and some are becoming more difficult for pedestrians to avoid. Pedestrians should always remember that their ears and eyes are the best tools for ensuring their safety while on the road. Pedestrians have to be alert and watch out for any potential threat. Although handheld electronics and mobile devices are a daily part of life, they might take your ears and eyes off the road and cause distraction. Avoid wearing headphones while walking along the highway because your ears will let you know about everything that is happening around you.

Be Visible

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Pedestrians should always make themselves visible to drivers and maintain eye contact with them whenever possible. That applies at night and in places with low-light conditions such as in inclement weather and at dawn or dusk. Recent research has found that most pedestrian fatalities occur at night or during adverse weather conditions. As such, it might be crucial for pedestrians to wear bright clothes during the day and reflective clothing at night. Road safety experts recommend crossing the road in well-lit spots. It is also recommendable to make eye contact with the driver in a stationary truck so that the driver doesn’t move while you are crossing in front of the vehicle.

Although pedestrian accidents are common, most of them are preventable. Recent studies have shown that pedestrian fatalities are high in poorly-lit spots than well-lit streets. The study further found that there are approximately 400 people in the emergency rooms due to traffic-related pedestrian injuries. At least one pedestrian gets knocked down by vehicles every two hours across the world. However, there are a few things one can do as a pedestrian or driver to reduce these fatalities.

Whether you are headed somewhere or walking for exercise, you should be aware of your safety while on the road. Pedestrian-related accidents are among the top causes of deaths in the world. Being mindful of distractions such as a conversation with companions and electronic devices are some of the things a pedestrian can do to reduce their likelihood of getting involved in an accident.

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