5 Tips to Keep the Office Washroom Clean

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For a lot of office workers, the washroom is a refuge from the stress and exhaustion of the workday. Some even go there even if they don’t need to go just yet. The fact that they could leave their stations and stay somewhere even for a few minutes to reset their themselves is already a big help.

Estimates say that an average worker spends about 41 hours in the office washroom in a year. Now that’s a lot of hours, and that raises a concern in terms of cleanliness. The washroom may be a refuge, but it can also be home to germs and microorganisms.

Here are five things you can do to maintain the cleanliness of the office washroom:

Do deep cleaning every two months

As the washroom is used frequently and experiences constant wear and tear, it is important to do some deep cleaning. This gets rid of water stains on the tiles and mirrors and can remove the potentially unbearable stench that’s usually associated with washrooms. You should pre-clean it first, though, before doing the deep cleaning.

If the tiles look old and dirty, you may want to hire experts to get rid of dark spots. After cleaning, do not forget to install air fresheners. If you do not have the time to do these, then you may opt for professional tile and grout cleaning services to make sure your washroom is sparkly and fresh.

Install toilet partitions

Toilet partitions divide the washroom space into equal portions, so the area that people will use would be limited. Make sure that the material you use is sustainable, cost-effective, and bacteria-resistant. It will be best if you can easily wipe them.

Instruct the office janitor to check the washroom three times a day

It is only right for your office to have a janitor who can check the cleanliness of the washroom on a regular basis. They should check the washroom at the start of the day, in the middle of working hours, and before going home. This is so that the amount of dirt and mess will be controlled as much as possible. This should be put in the janitor’s schedule.

Put up signages in the washroom

Do not underestimate the value of putting signages in the washroom, especially when maintaining cleanliness. Putting signs and labels help remind people about the proper things to do. The building owner and office manager should have the initiative to do this, as it makes maintenance easier. This can even help inform people when a maintenance session is being done.

Use the appropriate cleaning materials

person cleaning sink and faucet with spray detergent.

Make sure that the cleaning materials and supplies used by your janitors are the right ones for your office. You should have a disinfectant spray, lots of water, and some chemical cleaners. You may also stock up on soap and toilet bowl cleaners.

Cleanliness is a major concern for many employees in using the washroom. If you follow the steps in this article, it will be much easier for you.


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