Things to Know About One of the World’s Most Livable Cities

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Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city and the state of Victoria’s capital. Based on recent data, it is considered the country’s fastest-growing municipality and has a population of 158, 923 as of June 2017. Bearing in mind its scenic landscapes and love of culture and art, it’s no wonder it consistently ranks in the lists of the most livable cities in the world.

Whether you’re searching for land for sale in Melbourne’s west or just looking to rent, here are some things to consider:

It’s a hub for culture and art

Music is seen as an integral part of the city and has produced a number of famous acts over the years. Aside from this, it is also where the Australian Ballet is based in and has regular performances at its Arts Centre.

Thought of by many as the street art capital of the world, Melbourne’s laneways are filled with colorful murals and other outstanding works. The city likewise boasts of its long history of famous authors, literary festivals, and book stores for which it is considered a Unesco City of Literature.

The city has picturesque landscapes

Melbourne is packed with parks and gardens like the 420-acre Royal Botanic Gardens. It is also the best spot for city views, boating, and water sports because of its scenic location near the Yarra River and the Mornington Peninsula. Another place to watch out for in the city is Phillip Island, which is known for its remarkable wildlife like penguins, seals, koalas.

Aside from its natural sceneries, the city is also home to both innovative and historical architecture alike. Examples of which are the Digital Harbour Port 1010, the Arts Centre Melbourne spire, the Melbourne Recital Centre, and Coop’s Shot Tower.

Consider your work options

There are plenty of professional associations and groups for some industries available for job seekers in the city. Aside from this, there are also Australian job websites easily accessible to help them research opportunities and get a good grasp of the salary and working conditions that the city has to offer.

On the other hand, Melbourne also encourages entrepreneurs to invest or build their businesses in Melbourne.

There are plenty of ways to move around

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The city has one of the best tram networks in the world which covers about 150 miles of its territory. Aside from being famous for their trams, Melbourne’s well-maintained streets are also very handy for the usual modes of transportation like using bicycles, driving cars, and taking the train.

The city of Melbourne presents plenty of wonderful opportunities for its residents and visitors alike. Aside from its charming natural landscapes and pioneering buildings, being a bustling core of history, culture, music, and art means that people would never run out of things to enjoy in Victoria’s capital city. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s super easy to go around Melbourne with numerous modes of transportation available—including its world-class tram network.

Visiting Melbourne is a wonderful experience on its own; living here is a different story. It’s no wonder this beautiful city always ranks as one of the best cities for locals and tourists.

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