You Finally Bought a New House, What’s the Next Step?

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The house buying process seems intimidatingly lengthy at first glance. You have to sort your finances, save for a deposit, and determine what you can afford to borrow. Then, you look for the best home loan rates for your situation. Once that’s approved, only then will you start looking for a house that fits your lifestyle and falls within your budget. Then, it’s a lot of paperwork to own the home before you can settle.

After going through the entire house buying process, however, you might feel drained. Sure, you secured your new place. But you had to go through all of that first. Rebuild excitement for your new house.

Schedule an Initial Cleanup of Your New Home

When you’re browsing real estate for sale, you filter your house must-haves (e.g., property size, interior layout, accessibility, public transport) and the nice-to-haves (e.g., interior design, outdoor space). It’s not enough to get a once-over of these details, though. Find a way to make the house feel yours.

To truly make the home your own, why not schedule a big clean of the whole place?

An initial deep clean lets you get a literal fresh start. You get to see the best in your new house. You determine some changes you want to make that you initially didn’t realize. And if any concerns might require your attention, you can address them immediately.

You can clean the house yourself. Or, you can hire a professional to do the job.

Change the Locks and Update Your Security Systems

It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying a newly built house or moving into a home you purchased from someone else. It also doesn’t matter how much you know or trust the people you bought it from.

Security is always more important than anything else. So before you settle down in your new home and sink into the comfort of your new mattress, make sure to add or update your security system. Change your locks, too. You never know how many copies of your new keys are out there, and who they’re with.

Test All Your Utilities and the Internet Connection

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Everything’s picture-perfect until you turn on the faucet and nothing comes out…or until you turn up the heater without feeling any warmth after. This could ruin the excitement you have for your new house.

A critical part of settling into your new home is making sure your electricity and water lines are working well. And because of the current coronavirus situation which encourages people to stay at home, make sure you have a stable internet connection that connects you with everyone near and far.

Maximize and Personalize Your Living Space

Finally, and arguably the most exciting part of owning a new house, make the place your own. Rearrange the furniture. Repaint the walls. Add fixtures and trinkets that reflect your personality. You can get the help of an interior designer with this, but make sure you add a personal touch to the home design. It is your place, after all, and you know what’s best for you and your household.

Congratulations on owning your new home!

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