Four Designs You Can Explore for Your Dream Home

a modern home with patio and lawn

Building a new home can be a difficult task because of all the work that goes into it. There is planning, working with an architect for the design, and sourcing the materials from various suppliers.

In Donnybrook, Victoria, you can buy land for sale and build your home based on your needs and specifications. You can choose any kind of architectural design or motif and fill it with decor with the same theme. Here are a few ideas you can explore.

1. Mediterranean Homes

Mediterranean houses are known for their unique design and style. Spanish homes are also similar to this architectural style. Mediterranean houses feature shallow and red clay tile roofs, stucco walls, sweeping archways, courtyards and second-floor verandas. This kind of house easily gives a summer and vacation vibe because the common tone and colours are white, sunny yellow, salmon and peach.

Another important aspect of a Mediterranean house is its landscape architecture. Adding tropical trees and plants go well with the exterior design. Lounge chairs and a pool complete the relaxed and laidback vibe.

2. Farmhouses

Farmhouses were originally built on rural areas to suit the agrarian lifestyle. This particular design does not refer to a particular location or country but gets inspiration from the Victorian and colonial style of

Farmhouses are known for their wide porches, which create a warm and inviting transition from the interior of the house to the exterior. This particular house design is perfect for families who have young kids. While kids enjoy outdoor activities and play under the sun, parents can chill and watch over the kids on the porch.

3. Modern Houses

Modern and contemporary houses are known for using glass, steel and concrete. This type of house usually features a long and tall glass wall that allows natural sunlight to enter your home. Because of the long glass wall, the exterior gives off a dramatic and stunning effect. The interior of modern houses also features high ceilings.

For creative individuals, this kind of design offers more room to mix and match interior decorations including long curtains, frames, paintings, portraits and even indoor plants. Key elements of modern houses include open spaces, clean-cut corners and the use of geometric lines.

4. Victorian Houses

huge victorian house with wide lawn

Victorian houses are similar to the design of a dollhouse. Growing up, most people would dream of having their own mansion. The intricate design of a Victorian house is perfect for people who want to feel like royalty.

One of the key features of a Victorian house is its spacious and ornate terraces. Victorian houses are easily identified because of its intricate design, colour and highly decorated exteriors. They are also known for their attention to detail, from iron rails to textured variety of shapes and bold colours.

Most people dream of having their own house. Buying a piece of land and building your preferred house will make you more attached to this piece of property. With proper care, homes can last a lifetime. It can be the home where your children will grow up in and where you and your spouse will retire. Take all the time you need to make it perfect.

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