Four Effective Ways to Make Your Space Look Bigger

Minimalistic design to make a room look bigger

Many living spaces have now gotten a lot smaller, thanks to the introduction of micro-living and eco-friendly options. More homeowners now prefer this type of living arrangement, despite the challenges of decorating smaller spaces.

It’s easier to make the most of regular-sized homes and condos for sale in Eagle Mountain, as open floor plans work perfectly for them. However, smaller living spaces are entirely different.

Thankfully, there are effective ways to make these tiny spaces appear bigger and more open without doing major renovations in your home. Expert interior designers highly suggest using mirrors to achieve this look.

Mirrors are excellent additions to homes that lack surface space, and they don’t cost a lot, too. When placed strategically, mirrors can make spaces appear twice their original size while also putting focus on important pieces of furniture and other design elements.

To maximize your available space, here’s how you can make mirrors work best for your home.

Natural Light Is Your Best Friend

Living space with natural source of lighting

Interior designers often suggest putting your mirrors across huge windows. By doing this, you can utilize your mirrors to reflect the available views you have outside. This trick will make your room look less cramped and more spacious.

Blur the Edges With Art Pieces

When you purchase mirrors for this purpose, add some art pieces in similar frames to your cart. For this to work effectively, make sure to choose black frames, as this color will make the lines appear blurred when they are placed against the edges of your mirrors.

When you do this trick, the art pieces will be reflected on the mirrors as well, which will make the effect look even more beautiful. If done right, it will be hard to identify where the mirror starts and the room begins because of the blurring effect.

‘Expand’ Your Closet

This is an interior design trick that will work best in your bedroom. If you don’t have enough space, you can get mirrored closet doors that will make your bedroom look expanded.

They are multi-functional, as well. You’ll be able to check how you look before you leave and create that brighter- and bigger-looking effect in your room. Everyone needs a mirror, so even if you don’t have enough wall space for one, you can just stick them on your closet doors.

Mirror, Mirror on Your Kitchen Walls

This might seem a little strange at first, but we promise you, this could work! As one of the smallest areas in your home, your kitchen can enjoy the benefits or a properly placed mirror on its walls.

Like mirrors in your bedroom, this can also be multi-functional. Even when you’re busy preparing meals, you’ll be able to see what’s behind you. It will also look like you’ve added another window on your wall for that expanded effect.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to make your home space look bigger. With mirrors, you can save on renovation costs while still achieving the same design effect.

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