The Role of Visual Social Media in Planning Your Office Layout

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It is not enough to have a functional office anymore. Melbournians know what they want, and if they do not get it, they will not hesitate to leave the office for better opportunities. If you think that it’s silly that employees will leave your company just because you have dull interiors, you are wrong. The fact is their productivity and mood towards work can be affected by what surrounds them.

Your employees are visual creatures. It makes sense to take cues from visual social media when discussing the changes with your fit-out project management team.


The fit-out of your office should not just be done to update old equipment and furniture. You should also work on the careful selection of new equipment so that they make the lives of employees easy. Rather than replace office chairs with the same model, consider a switch to more ergonomic seating options. Even better, choose ergonomic options where applicable. This means leaving room for standing desks, which are touted to help in posture and other challenges that a sedentary lifestyle might present. The changes you make to the office should have a significant impact on the way people do their tasks; they might not have fewer responsibilities, but if they can feel a tad bit more comfortable while they get to their duties, that will make a big difference.


Visual social media is all about aesthetics. You don’t look at Instagram and remember each post; you remember those that look beautiful and had striking and unforgettable features. The office can benefit from a little intensity, whether it’s in the new paint color or the artwork you have chosen to adorn the renovated space. They do not have anything to do with the workflow, but that’s exactly why they’re essential. They tell your employees that you want them to have fun at work as well. It’s not all about the work grind; they can grow and prosper while at work, and you have no problems with that.


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Before you even decide to make any changes in the office, it is imperative to discuss with the project manager what you want to achieve with the fit-out. The intent is as important as the budget for the project. With a clear intention, you will know what to prioritise. For instance, if you are trying to fit more people into the same space, there needs to be more thought put into the layout and positioning of cubicles and desks. If your goal is to make collaboration easier for employees, your project manager might recommend longer tables or booth-style seating to give teams some privacy. If you want a refreshed office that will be good enough to encourage employees to go to work and even post selfies as they happily get their job done, you will want those walls to look warmer.

You would not want to spend money on a fit-out that does not give you the desired results. To make the office more lovable for employees, make it something they will want to see and share on social media.

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