Is a Trenchless Sewer Pipe Replacement Worth It?

replacing and fixing sewer pipes

Among common home, problems include a leaky water pipe. Some may be easy to fix. But there are some pipes that are beyond fixing and should be replaced instead. Regardless, doing pipe repairs can be costly.

Damaged sewer pipes can be as stressful as fixing kitchen or bathroom pipes. Whether you have traditional trenching or a trenchless sewer line, you can at least find a repair shop in Park City, Utah. There are also some plumbing shops that offer more affordable pipe repair services.

Is a trenchless sewer line replacement worth it?

Installing traditional trenched sewer pipes can be more labor-intensive and expensive. You may even have to secure a permit so you can dig the street or your yard to set up the pipes. With trenchless sewer pipes, you can save time and money during the installation process.

You don’t need to dig your yard or affect your landscaping when you install trenchless sewer pipes. Replacement won’t also cause hassle on your part. It has been around for more than a decade, but only a handful know about this piping option.

Among popular trenchless sewer pipe replacement include pipe bursting and lining. Trenchless sewer replacement costs may vary. The price depends on the material used, material costs, type of soil, and the sewer depth.

It can cost more than traditional trenching, but it can guarantee value-for-money in the long run. Then again, it may depend on your area and your pipes’ general condition. Professional plumbers or sewer line personnel may recommend one over the other. It is best to consult them for sound advice.

Common plumbing problems

Fixing a leaky pipe can be stressful and even costly. But it may be the only choice to restore your water line’s normal function. If you experience the following plumbing problems, you should call professional plumbers immediately.

  • Overflowing toilet. You just did the number two in the toilet, and you flush your bodily excretion. But instead of going down the pipes, you notice the water (and your poop) is rising and about to reach the toilet rim!
    One quick thing to do is to shut off the water valve behind the toilet. You can also take the tank lid and check the rubber flapper whether it’s in its original place. If not, push it to restrict water flow. If the water flows beyond the rim, clean the mess and seek professional plumbers.
  • Slow-draining sink or tub. It may be due to the accumulation of debris and hair over time. Of course, you have to remove the dirt from the drain so water can flow freely again.
    One way is by using a Zip-It tool to clean the drain. More importantly, you should clean the drain regularly even if there are no clogging issues.
  • Low water flow. It may be due to the accumulation of calcium deposits in the faucet aerator. This can affect water flow, but it can be fixed. Remove and clean the aerator, and then put it back.

Finding a reliable plumbing service

Workers changing sewer pipes

A trustworthy plumber should have the following:

  • Plumbing license
  • Carries full insurance
  • Positive feedback from actual customers
  • Has been on the business for many years
  • Money back guarantee
  • Detailed contract or quotation

The above credentials can assure you of an excellent job and customer satisfaction.

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