5 Machines Car Repair Shops Should Have

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An investment in a car repair shop does not just involve money and a good location. Customers will demand honest and competent service, which is just right. It’s not just about the speed of your arrival or service; it is a matter of life and death.

For this reason, car repair shops should take their work seriously. They should have a complete lineup of essential equipment. There are machines from companies, such as Baileigh and their industrial bead roller, among others. However, if a car repair shop needs to operate and service the most number of motorists, the following are some of the must-haves:

Engine Hoists

Car repairs will most likely involve the engine. That said, it is necessary to have an engine hoist since there would be instances when you need to remove the engine for a thorough examination. You may even need to dismantle them and replace the parts, and then rebuild them. This would not be possible if the engine is still placed under the hood.

The primary consideration when buying an engine hoist is weight capacity. It should be strong enough to support huge engines of SUVs and trucks.

Brake Lathe

The brake is one of the car components that any motorist cannot take risks on, as the consequences are fatal. That said, car repair shops should be ready to service this. Some small car repair shops do not have brake lathes and they just have the rotors and drums serviced through a subcontractor, but brake trouble happens often and you lose significant profits. For a brake lathe, it is best to be conscious of the quality and brand, since this will also determine the availability of spare parts.

Alignment Systems

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Depending on your location’s topography and road conditions, the demand for alignment services can be profitable. Wheel alignment is also a safety feature and is often the cause of wiggles and sounds from the vehicle. There are modern alignment systems that can cost as much as $40,000, but investing in these tools can cut down the work time in half. Jobs that take two hours can be accomplished in an hour.

If your area has a high demand for wheel alignment services, the machine is a worthy investment that can pay for itself and still earn a decent profit.

Air Conditioning Recovery Machine

The air conditioning is one car feature that would really catch the ire of both drivers and passengers when it fails. Car repair shops should be able to fix this properly. Air conditioning recovery machines will recharge, recover, and recycle the air conditioning systems of vehicles. They should be part of a set that includes leak detectors, vacuum pump, thermometers, and the refrigerant.

Vehicle Lifts

A vehicle lift is a substantial investment, but it is important for a car repair shop as it gives the mechanics their best view. There are two-post lifts and scissor lifts, but for either type, it should be noted that cheaper models last for about two years. This machine should always be maintained before use.

The equipment needed for a car repair shop prioritizes safety and functionality. These are the essentials that the customers are looking for and should also be the priority of car shop owners.

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