The Essential Guide to Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom plan coming to life

Are you planning to sell your house soon? A fully functional bathroom will help boost your home’s appeal to most buyers. But to get their attention, you need to invest in its design and ensure that it is thoroughly modern.

Generally, renovating a bathroom costs at least $10,000. Although it sounds a lot to some, spending a considerable amount for renovation can undoubtedly help you sell your property quickly. To guide you through the entire process, here are a few questions to ask yourself to help you make the right choice.

Who will use the space?

Before you even start planning for your renovation project, you need to hold a family meeting to help you establish your goals and create a solid plan. Ask everyone about the things that they like about the space and who will be using it. You also need to check out a few features and accessories to help enhance the space.

What are its existing problems?

More than the look itself, you also need to know if your bathroom has any issues and see if it needs any immediate repair. Both your taps and flush should have a strong water flow while the drainage holes should not be clogged. You should ensure that the water drains quickly, too. There are times when the bathroom floor does not have any subtle slope, which causes the water to get stagnant for a bit.

Are you working with the right contractor?

You need to spend time searching and gathering information about the potential contractor. Ask the number of times that they have done it before. You should ask if they know a lot about walk-in tubs in Salt Lake City, too. Additionally, it is also best to get as much information about the company before it is too late. The contractor should quickly provide you with a list of their clients for the past few years. Do not forget to ask about the contractor’s collection privacy so you will be aware of it ahead of time.

Is your bathroom waterproof?

If you are living in a building, it is best to ensure that your bathroom does not leak below. It is highly advised that you waterproof the property to keep the water from seeping through the protection. Contractors usually apply to waterproof before grouting and tiling. Doing so ensures that you will not get as much moisture, which can damage the tiles underneath.

Do you have enough budget for it?

newly renovated bathroom with modern design

One of the most practical things that you need to worry about is the cost of renovating the bathroom. Keep in mind that you are not just restoring the toilet alone. You also need to include the tiling, cabinetry and other wet works to ensure its success.

These are a few of the questions that you need to ask yourself when renovating your bathroom. Although it seems complicated at first, focusing your time and effort in designing your bathroom can do wonders to your home. You can always look at magazines or read the internet for more ideas.

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