How Much is the Average Cost of Copper Gutters in Utah?

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A rain gutter installation in Utah will cost between $1,138 and $5,007 if you choose copper as the primary material. On average, you should expect to spend around $3,100 for this type of gutter.

These prices may not include the cost of removing and disposing of old gutters, so make sure to ask the contractor for a comprehensive list of expenses. When requesting for cost estimates, it is better to consult three different contractors before choosing the right one for your project.

Why Copper Gutters are Expensive

Copper gutters are usually five times more expensive than other types such as vinyl because it is a material of more value. A roofing professional will most likely recommend that you use it for the entire installation, from copper fasteners to copper hangers. A gutter installation that does not use copper as the sole component could compromise functionality, as mixing other materials with copper can cause a chemical reaction.

The usual price range for copper gutters ranges from $15 to $30 per square foot. Your location in Utah will affect the actual price. Homeowners in the city should prepare a bigger budget due to the higher cost of materials and labor. Remember that seamless gutters will cost more to purchase and install than sectional gutters.

Common Styles and Maintenance

K-style and half-round comprise the two common styles for a copper gutter installation. Half-round ones are more suitable for historic houses because of its classic appearance. The K-style variant has a decorative front with flat backs and undersides. Whichever you choose, it is important to polish the fixture at least once every year to maintain its original color and shine.

Proper maintenance could prolong its lifespan up to 100 years, although a copper gutter usually lasts for 60 years. Wear gloves when removing twigs, leaves, and other debris. Your bare hands have natural oil that could ruin its original appearance. When it comes to DIY repairs, a sectional gutter is more doable than a seamless one.

Should You Really Install One?

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As copper is a valuable material, don’t overlook the fact that it could be a potential target for burglars. While it significantly complements the look of your house, it could stand out for the wrong reasons. If you plan to move elsewhere in the future, a copper installation may not be the economical choice.

On the other hand, aluminum can be a good alternative. You could only spend at least $700, inclusive of the labor fees and materials, but it requires around the same level of maintenance like copper. Aluminum gutters may last for up to 25 years, which are a shorter lifespan yet good enough for those who just need a more affordable option for now.

You should prepare to spend a hefty amount when you decide to use copper for rain gutters. While it is expensive, there is a good chance of recovering your investment upon reselling your house. A well-maintained copper gutter system could significantly increase the value of your property over time.

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