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There are plenty of fishes in the sea. This is a reality that you have to face when you are in the business of buying and selling real estate. The market often fluctuates—from a buyers’ market to a sellers’ market. Many factors affect this change, most of which are beyond anyone’s control.

What a seller can control is the quality of the land or house that he is selling and his efforts to market his wares. There are homes and land for sale around Grovedale and other suburbs and their owners could benefit from installing or showcasing the following features:

Laundry Room

Homeowners, especially those with bigger families, would want to have a separate laundry room that is not an extension of the bathroom or living room. A room where one can easily do the laundry, as well as ironing and folding, appeals to 92% of prospective buyers.

Exterior Lighting

Even more than a well-kept lawn, exterior lighting is the top outdoor feature that prospective buyers are looking for. Whether it’s functional or aesthetic, ample exterior lighting never fails to draw attention during an open house viewing.

Energy Efficient features

With the continuously rising costs of electricity, future homeowners would want to have a house that has intelligent, energy-saving designs. Windows that provide daylight access and proper ventilation, appliance fixtures that have high energy-efficiency index scores, these can attract a buyer. They would also be willing to pay a higher price if they see the possibility of saving money in the long run.

Ceiling Fan

Speaking of energy efficiency and aesthetics, ceiling fans are singled out as attractive features on their own. It is the most desired decorative feature and it actually saves money by reducing the air conditioning use.

Once the air conditioner reaches the ideal temperature, homeowners can turn it off and turn on the ceiling fan to circulate the cold air. These can help save hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year in energy cost depending on the consumption.


Bathroom interior
As there is a growing wellness trend and there is more emphasis on relieving stress, more and more couples are looking for a bathtub. Shower enclosures have always been recognized as the necessity, but nowadays, bathtubs are rising as a must-have for buyers.

Bathtubs are also a big help for families with babies and toddlers. If there is space provision for a bathtub, even a small space, it could keep the house on the shortlist.

Off-road Parking

More and more cities and even villages in the suburbs are passing regulations that would limit or even ban parking on the roadside. For the prospective buyer, he would rather not have the burden of shouldering a renovation just to comply. A house with facilities for off-road parking or a fully furnished garage would be a better choice from their perspective.

There are many features that will enhance the chances of getting a house sold. However, there is no way to accommodate them all. It is better and cheaper to concentrate on things that buyers place at a premium.

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