Five Clever Room Dividers for Work-from-home Setups

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Have you been forced to work from home since lockdowns were imposed? The coronavirus pandemic has many of us looking for a way to make our living spaces into professional-looking workspaces. Our new remote work setup has us reevaluating our homes, rearranging furniture and clamoring for quiet areas where we could conduct our work in peace.

It’s not always easy, especially if you have children underfoot. However, sometimes the solution is simple. If you want to divide open spaces in your house, room dividers can do the job easily. You can use it get the most out of your space and give yourself some privacy. Ready-made ones are relatively inexpensive but if you form, functionality and beauty, why not try and make one yourself?

Here are some ideas to get you started on your DIY room divider.

1. Curtains/Sheets

These are the simplest ones you can do. Curtain rods can easily be purchased from your local hardware store and you can choose fabrics that would tie the aesthetics of your room together. If you’re wondering where to put the curtain rods since you can’t screw it onto wall, try suspending them from the ceiling. Use twine or other equally sturdy materials to hang the curtain rods from hooks placed in the ceiling.

2. Old Doors or Windows


Have some old doors or windows hanging around from a renovation project? Or perhaps you found one from a dumpster dive or a flea market? You may have liked the aesthetic but you’re not quite sure what to do with it. Time to take it out of your basement and attic and spruce it up to divide your space. There’s nothing a little sanding and some paint can’t do to freshen them up. Hinge them together and you’ve got a perfectly usable room divider.

3. Vinyl Records

If you’re a music fan and have a collection of vinyl records, you might consider turning them into a piece of hanging art that doubles as a room divider. Drill four holes into the vinyl records and use string to tie them all together. Just like with the curtains, you can tie them up to hooks hanging from the ceiling. You also have the option of either keeping the records as is or paint them to create a more mod look for your room.

4. Salvaged Wood

Upcycling is a trend nowadays and you can show your support by using salvaged wood. You can go simple by putting together shipping palates (which you can also use to hang photos and artwork) or go all out and put together an intricately etched wood divider. You could seek the services of a professional using etching laser machines or chisel at it the old-fashioned way for a more homemade, rustic look.

5. Green Wall

No, we’re not talking paint. We’re talking plants. Gardening is a therapeutic hobby, so why not bring that into your interiors and create a wall of hydroponic plants? This divider also serves a dual purpose since it not only divides your space, but it also breathes life into your interiors.

Redecorating your home to accommodate your work-from-home and online learning setup needn’t be a hassle. You can use these five ideas for room dividers as a starting point for when you need to separate your home life from your work life in limited space.

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