Reaching Golden Years: The Best Beach Towns for Retirement

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So you’re ready to retire. Life has been good, and you have secured great life and health insurance packages from your agent. Your kids have finally graduated and settled down. Everything has been paid off, and you’re in a perfect place.

You can now retire anywhere you like. Whether you’re looking to buy your dream beachfront home or establish a boutique or restaurant near a beach to give you unlimited access to beautiful waters and sand, there’s a lot you need to consider when it comes to finding the perfect location. These include access to essential facilities like hospitals, transportation, and living costs in a particular area.

To help you find the best coastal areas for retirement, here are five of the best beach towns for living out your golden years by the beautiful sea.


In New Hampshire, Portsmouth is a history-rich port town littered with marvelous beaches and a lively downtown area. This small town has incredibly low tax rates, including sales and income, with New Hampshire being deemed the 10th most tax-friendly state for retirees. It doesn’t charge taxes for social security benefits and other forms of retirement income. Additionally, Portsmouth ranks higher than the average of physicians’ offices and recreational facilities per 1,000 individuals. All these great benefits make Portsmouth a haven for retirees.

The median home price for individuals ages 60 or older in Portsmouth is $439,200, with a median monthly rent price of $2,500, making it a reasonably affordable place to settle in.

Daytona Beach

This scenic city on Florida’s Atlantic coast is a perfect retirement option with its beautiful beaches, low cost of living, and high quality of life. The state has no income tax, meaning retirees can keep a more significant portion of incentives from their retirement income. And if you’re looking to settle in a more lively place, the city houses NASCAR’s official headquarters, holding numerous motorsports events annually.

The median home price for people older than 60 years old is $160,2000, and the median monthly rent of over $900, making it a very affordable retirement option.


Sequim is the sunniest town in all of Washington, boasting beautiful beaches, landscapes, an array of recreation centers, and a great community. It’s a popular choice among retirees, with 37% of its population consisting of older individuals. Besides gorgeous scenery and fun activities, Washington has no state income tax, allowing seniors to keep most of their retirement income.

The median home price for individuals over 60 years old is $244,000, and the monthly median rent of over $971. Combine all these offerings, and you get a top-notch spot to spend forever.


Dubbed as the ‘magic city,’ Miami provides year-long sunny weather alongside stunning beaches and skyscrapers, making it ideal for retirees looking for a perfect combination of city and beach vibes. Another reason Miami is suitable for retirees is that Florida has no income tax, meaning they can keep large portions of their social security benefits and other retirement incentives. The median home price for individuals older than 60 is $308,200, with a monthly median rent of $1,529.


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The small town of Naples in Florida is currently the number one best city for retirement. Its unique Mediterranean-inspired architecture, vast recreation centers, quality medical facilities, retirement facilities, friendly community, and long sandy beaches make it a haven for retirees. The median home price for seniors is $325,000, with a monthly median rent of $1,781.

Make the most out of your golden years and buy a beachfront villa or start a humble business near the beach, allowing you to marvel in stunning blue waters, fine sand, and lifetime memories.

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