Save and Splurge: Bedroom Edition

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When decorating all the rooms in your new home, it’s only natural that you won’t be able to splurge on every single item and furniture piece you wish to add into your space. After all, if you’ve recently purchased a property for sale in Donnybrook, you’ve probably poured a lifetime’s worth of savings on that and don’t have much left for other expenses. Thankfully, there are a number of easy and affordable decorating ideas you can apply to make your space truly yours.

It’s best to start in your bedroom and focus a good amount of your energy there. Why? It’s simple! Your bedroom is your most personal space. This is where you’ll be spending most of your downtime in, so it deserves all the love you can give when it comes to decorations. To keep things balanced, here are some ideas on where you should splurge or save when decorating your bathroom:

Mattress Pad and Pillows – Splurge

You’ve been thinking about replacing your mattress before moving to your new property. It’s never been your favorite, but it’s still highly usable and you’re not ready to toss it away yet. You can make certain changes in your sleep setup to compensate for this kind of mattress. Splurge on increasing the comfort levels by adding a few essential bed add-ons. Get a comfortable foam mattress and some memory foam pillows and you’ll immediately notice how much comfort it adds to your sleep situation.

Nightstands – Save

When it comes to your bedside tables, it’s never wrong to go the affordable route. Because nightstands are among the most used items in your bedroom, going for high-end pieces may not be worth it at all. Although not noticeable at first, they’re going to get a lot of wear and tear due to regular use so it’s not recommended to get expensive ones. Find some affordable yet perfectly sized nightstands in a furniture store or even yard sales and secondhand shops. Here’s another thing: if you have limited space in your bedroom, you might not even need nightstands at all. Simply make sure you have enough surface where you can place your night lamp, phone, and perhaps a glass of water.

Custom Drapery – Splurge

Custom window treatments are the perfect items to splurge on, especially because every window in every room is unique. Getting custom drapery means you’re investing in something tailor-made for your windows’ width and length as well as the height of your ceiling. As such, you’re 100% sure that your order is going to look proportional in your space. In addition, choosing custom drapery also means you can guarantee that they’ll address your sleeping needs. For example, if you’re a light sleeper, you can go for something that offers complete blackout, but if you’re someone who enjoys getting up the same time as the sun rises, there are sheer options for you.

Decorative Pieces – Save

Your goal when decorating your bedroom is to make it as relaxing as possible, so it’s best to keep your decorative accessories to a minimum. Otherwise, you’ll risk turning your bedroom into a cluttered space with too many furnishings and other items.

Your bedroom is a reflection of who you so it’s natural that you want to decorate it, but it shouldn’t put a hole in your pocket.

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