DIY Home Exterior Projects That Anyone Can Do

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Making your home look good to passersby is important. It can affect how your neighbors treat you and even change your property values. Making improvements can help with that. No need to worry about paying for an expert to do them either. There are several DIY upgrades that you can easily do. Here’s a closer look at some of them.

Changing Out Your Door

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One of the focus points of your house exterior is the door. People immediately focus on it with their eyes. If your door looks ordinary, it may not be impressive enough. Many houses have plain wooden doors that everyone knows. Changing it to something more impressive can be a great move. As a DIY project, this isn’t that difficult. Depending on how heavy the doors are, you remove the old one and then install the replacement. You will be spoiled for choice since there are many wooden doors out there, with a variety of designs and wood types. Choose one that you think reflects the sort of home you want to present. You can even choose to paint it another color.

Raising A Sheltering Roof

Remaining with the entrance of your home, you can choose to build around that entrance. Imagine building a covered area around your door. This is a pretty simple process since all you need to work on is a simple sloping roof and a couple of supports. You can find kits out there that should allow you to build these entrances by following simple instructions. Depending on the style of your house, the covered entrance might even complement a home. The shelter, besides looking good, also has a physical use. Visitors will appreciate having a roof over their heads.

Adding A Layer Of Protection

Your house exterior needs as much protection it can get. The elements can do serious damage to it, giving it a battered look that isn’t very flattering. Cleaning it up is one thing you can do, along with some minor repairs. But you should also be able to do something extra. You can add a few layers of protection. The simplest is a coat of good paint. Besides covering up quite a few imperfections, it also provides some protection against the UV rays of the sun. If you want to do something more impressive, installing timber cladding can give your home a fresh new look and also provide an outer layer against the elements.

Mount Some Lights

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Good lighting can be very effective in making your home look better; installing them should be pretty simple, too. You can have a lantern near your door so that anyone at the entrance can be visible, but that is just the beginning. For example, you can add lights by your path so that visitors would know where to go—no more stumbling in the dark for anyone. The great thing about it is that you can use solar-powered LED lamps so that they don’t require an actual electrical connection. You place the lamp near the path, and it’s done.

Put Down Some Roots

Another easy upgrade is to do some planting. Unless you are completely horrible with plants, you should be able to plant a variety of items in your yard. For example, you might want to have flower beds around the house. Create some plant boxes and a few seeds. It may take some time, but you’ll have flowers gracing your home very soon. Other things you can plant are trees and shrubs. They can affect the look of your home.

Replace A Few Roof Shingles

The roof also draws people’s eyes like the doorway. The problem is that when it is damaged, it is very noticeable. Fixing the roof might sound like something roofers could do for you. However, depending on the severity of the damage, you can do the repairs yourself. If your roof has one or two damaged shingles, then these should be simple to replace. Buy replacements and go up there to do the fix. Shingle roofs are on a platform that supports them so you can remove the damaged tiles and install the replacements. If the damage is more severe and involves dozens of shingles, that’s when you call the roofers.

Something is satisfying about DIY projects. Knowing that you did something with your own hands can be a big boost to your pride. Combined with a better-looking exterior, your house can present passersby and neighbors with a pleasant sight. Think of what you want to do and what is within your ability to decide on what you can change.

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