The Homeowner’s Guide to Maintaining a House

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Part of any homeowner’s responsibility is to clean the house and maintain its upkeep. However, it can be very difficult to get started as it is a bit overwhelming to go and do maintenance on a house on your own.

A Regular Maintenance Schedule

General cleaning and maintenance is a time-consuming activity. You need to dedicate at least one day’s worth of effort to accomplish everything, and if your house is particularly large, one day might not be enough. The experience might not be exactly pleasant as well, as not everyone has the skills to clean and maintain their own. Fortunately, another option is to clean or do maintenance more frequently. This will prevent the need for major cleaning and maintenance checks and will help you keep your home in good condition. It’s really just a matter of sticking to a regular schedule and pushing through.

Dust Control

Make sure to clean your house of any dust, as heavy dust build-up can severely affect your family’s health. Clean all the exposed surfaces in your house, from the floors to the walls, and even the hard-to-reach places such as on top of shelves, underneath tables, and in between cabinets. To prevent heavy build-up, it’s better to vacuum more often than to wait for weeks before cleaning. This way, dust will never accumulate to a dangerous level. You can also use an air purifier to help keep the dryness (often the cause of dust) away.

Do a Quick Check of the Exterior

Maintaining the interior of the house comes naturally to many, after all, we’re always inside and it’s always what we see. Especially during these times, we barely go out and observe the exterior of our homes. That’s why it’s also necessary to consciously check the exterior of your house for any damage. Check whether walls need repainting, or if the roof needs repair, or the fences need replacement. Don’t forget to check for any pests and parasites that build up in areas like garage doors, under an awning, or even your yard.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Part of a good maintenance routine is to rearrange the layout and furniture of your common spaces. This is an opportunity to get to those nooks and crannies you don’t often clean, and you might end up finding those missing items too. But changing the layout of your room helps not just in cleaning, but also your living experience. Having a new room layout will evoke a feeling of something new, and make being in your house exciting and fun again. You’ll be surprised by how much simply changing where your sofa faces can make.

Check for Broken Appliances


Many of our household appliances and furniture go through daily use, and with it comes deterioration. It’s inevitable for commonly used devices to eventually break, and it can be frustrating when they do- especially if you didn’t see any signals beforehand. When doing maintenance, include a habit of checking your household items for any damage, and see if they can still be repaired. Look at the legs of tables and chairs and see if they need fixing. Don’t forget to include rather uncommon special household devices, such as innovative massage chairs, recliners, air fryers, and other important devices.

Look for Leaks and Holes

If you find that your water bill has been gradually increasing throughout the years even though you’ve been using the same amount of water, consider taking a look at your pipes. Being that they are often hidden away, it’s easy to miss any damage or deterioration. Not to mention leaking water can heavily damage its surrounding areas, making it absolutely crucial to pinpoint whether there is a leaking pipe or not. While you’re at it, make sure to check for any other damages too, such as destroyed or broken vents, ripped wires, and other of similar nature.

Throw Away Stuff You Don’t Need

People in the 21st century tend to own a lot of things. We now live in an era where it’s very easy to make purchases, thanks to online shopping and the wide variety of shops that sell different kinds of items. This has resulted in most of us owning far too much, and not using most of them. A good addition to your maintenance routine is to get rid of things that you don’t use and have little plans of using. Things like clothes, gadgets, or even toys can be donated to charity, or if you’re strapped for cash, they make good items to sell online.

With these hacks, you can make sure your house stays in good condition and your family remains safe and comfortable.

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