A Mansion or a Waterpark? Alternate Venues for Your Party

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Filipinos are famous for the grand parties they throw regardless of their income range. A neighborhood party in a humble part of the country can match the raucousness of a bash thrown at a grand ballroom. Smaller get-togethers at dining rooms can match the intimacy of renting a space at an exclusive restaurant.

But what if the usual party spots don’t work for the next big bash? Here’s a list of unconventional party venues for varying guest sizes:


A few business-minded people take advantage of pre-selling deals to get a condo or two for the sole purpose of renting it out. And it works out for them as they can rent it out on long-term deals or on bed and breakfast sites. Certain condo owners even modify their units for the purpose of hosting certain types of gatherings, such as viewing parties.

If having the security and privacy of a condo unit appeals to you, then look for one in areas that are easy to access and have great amenities around them. The intersection of business and leisure makes these places ideal for hosting a staycation.


You have the budget for catering and manpower to service your party. What you need now is a venue that matches your budget. What you’ll need are mansions and luxury homes that can be rented per night or by the hour.

A few vacation homes are located right next to nature and provide great views and a lot of fresh air. Others have special amenities such as pools, hot tubs, and a private beach. A few places also boast the fact that they’re isolated places with enough conveniences.


The haven of children and the young at heart, waterparks are hotspots for families and friends looking to get away from the summer heat. Holding a party at a waterpark is a great idea when an event falls on a hot or humid day.

Indoor and outdoor waterparks rent out certain parts of their property or its entirety if the renter has the budget. The package usually includes a cabin or two for guests staying the night and runs separate fees for sound or lighting systems.

Waterfalls and Natural Sites

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Weddings, turn of the century birthdays, and other important events deserve a special venue. What could be more special than renting a place near a waterfall to host your special day? The natural beauty of the Philippines means hundreds of tiny waterfall properties can be yours for a day or two. Strict rules are imposed to retain the natural beauty of these sites, but the impositions can be worth it for the right venue.

A few stretches of rivers, lakeside properties, and private beaches are also up for rent. Private beaches can have serviced huts and houses but some are undeveloped land. In the case of the latter, event planners usually need to hire extra hands to set up the beach for their event. They must also adhere to the environmental code laid down by the property owner or the locale the beach is located in.

When looking for party venues, it’s important to check the policies of a site. Certain accommodations may not accept more than a certain number of guests, while others may charge extra for functions. Checking early is ideal to prevent misunderstandings and last-minute changes to your plans.

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