4 Measures That Can Protect a Business from Vandalism

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Utah law criminalizes vandalism, which is the destruction of property without the owner’s consent. Salt Lake City experiences many vandalism cases every year, the most prevalent being graffiti and breaking doors or windows.

For most people with commercial properties and businesses, vandalism touches on the very core of their livelihood. Apart from the repair costs involved, vandalism can lead to lost business due to disruptions. In some instances where the aftermath remains for a while, the reputation of the business can be at stake.

Although the law is there to offer a reprieve for victims, it’s still important to take the necessary measures to protect yourself from these acts.

What are the measures against vandalism?

Preventing vandalism on your property can be simple, as there are many ways of doing it. What is exciting about these solutions is that they are simple to implement and they all depend on the exterior of the facility.

Deterrence Through Lighting

Lighting vandalism-prone areas are one of the most effective measures against these acts because the perpetrators work anonymously. Adding motion sensors to the setting will significantly reduce the advantage these criminals have. LED lighting has become a popular choice for this kind of lighting because of its energy saving properties. Furthermore, such bulbs provide white light that illuminates the vandal’s image. Just as the quality of lighting is important, the angle matters, too. Optimize the lighting angle with the camera lens to prevent any contrast problems.

Deterrence Through Landscaping

The best landscaping practices can be efficient in deterring criminal acts in your property. The Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) is one such approach, as it addresses the opportunities that criminals may use. Good landscaping will offer natural surveillance, whereby users are always within the line of sight. As much as ornamental trees and bushes may be pleasing to the eyes, you might need to trim them to at least five feet if they are to help you keep criminals away.

Planning for Public Disturbances

Having excellent commercial garage door repair Salt Lake City is crucial, especially in consideration of probable public disturbances such as riots passing through the neighborhood. You need to have temporary barriers in store just in case things turn haywire. In addition to this solution, you also want to have a quality surveillance system that can help identify criminals. Place the cameras in strategic positions so that they can act as a deterrence, too.

Securing Items Outside

line of closed commercial garage doors

Commercial garage doors are excellent in protecting what is inside, but you need to consider what is outside as well. Mowing equipment, bikes, and trailers are a few examples of things that criminals may target. Practicing the habit of securing everything will discourage bad acts, whether the item in question is a business asset or a personal property.

The above ideas are effective in preventing vandalism on commercial properties, but precautions can be limited in terms of their reliability. To prevent untold losses, make sure you get a relevant insurance policy. Do the right amount of research to fully protect your property.


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