Unique Staircase Designs for Your Commercial Building

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Accessing the upper levels of multi-storey buildings has been made easy with the installation of staircases. There are various staircase designs you can install in your commercial building, hence the need to understand which one will best pair with your interior space and preferences. Highlighted below are some of the commercial staircase designs you can choose from.

Spiral Staircases

Commercial property owners with limited space can opt for spiral staircase design. This type of staircase occupies less space compared to other staircase designs. It offers ease of assembly and cost-effectiveness, making it a more preferred option by most property owners.

Additionally, spiral staircases can increase the efficiency of your commercial space due to their small footprint feature. They only take up a small circle in your floor plan, thereby giving you maximum available space for your workspace.

Straight Staircase Design

If you are looking for a staircase that is easiest to ascend and descend, the straight staircase would be the ideal option for you. This type of staircase is quite easy to install, although this highly depends on the level of detail of the design. Its inherent simplicity makes it the best option for minimalist designed commercial buildings.

Glass Balustrade Staircases

This type of staircase design can be the best solution if you are looking to install a staircase that highlights the view within the office. The clear glass panes provide you with an unobstructed view of the floor below while offering a secure barrier from falls. Considering that glass balustrades are quite delicate, it is highly advisable to have your commercial stair installation project handled by experts to guarantee exceptional results.

Steel Staircases

Stainless steel staircases have been proven to be the strongest and most durable of all types of staircases. They are also stylish and easy to maintain compared to their wooden and glass counterparts. Their flexibility makes them easy for you to achieve a myriad of designs as they can be moulded according to your specific preferences. The good thing about the steel staircase is that they can also be blended with glass to create a unique style.

Arched Staircases


This type of staircase design has a flight resembling an arch in its plan. Although these staircases are quite expensive and require great expertise to manufacture, they are a worthy investment as they create a great impression.

Additionally, this staircase design allows you to create different types of arched stairs using different materials, thereby creating varying impressions on your commercial building. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can either opt for two-stringer arched stairs or centre-stringer arched staircases. You should, however, assess both types of arched staircases by looking at their pros and cons to have an easy time choosing the most suitable one.

Choosing the right staircase design will depend on the space available in your commercial building, project budget and your preferences. You should, therefore, do your due diligence and seek out professional assistance before deciding on a staircase design. The right contractor will guide you in selecting a design that will complement your workspace.

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