3 Home Additions to Consider for Social Butterflies

Homeownership often entails making compromises, especially for those of us who have tighter budgets compared to others. This doesn’t mean that we can’t obtain our dream homes, though. Given the right circumstances, careful planning and budgeting, and ample space, we can carve out our dream homes from the ones that we have purchased.

Now, we know that every household is different, which explains why no two renovations are the same. Some do them to add space, while others accomplish them for entertainment. If you want a mix of both and the ability to boost your role as a social person, consider these home additions that will turn your home into a better social space.

Patio or Deck

The living room, while a perfect venue for parties and other gatherings, can be a bit stifling if there are too many people indoors. This is why many homeowners are encouraged to bring the celebration outside, if possible. If not, you can have a mixture of both  something you can achieve with a patio or deck.

Usually, patios are for outdoor seating and gatherings, but there’s a way to work around these limitations so that you can use the space even when the weather is cold and wet. An option is to install a retractable awning or opt for glass enclosures for patios. The latter choice can also transform your patio into a sunroom, perfect for relaxation even when there are no guests over.

Kitchen Renovations

For adult gatherings, the kitchen can be the hub of socialisation, more so if the homeowner is the one to cook for the entire group. If you’re the same, you may need to consider extending the space that you have in your kitchen to allow for more people to hang out while the meals are being prepared.

A way to do this is by implementing an open space into the floor that your kitchen is in. The loss of walls dividing the rooms opens up more space, which makes the kitchen feel airier and allows for more occupants at a time.

Another option, one that is related to the previous, is by doing away with the dining room altogether. Often, this applies to families that have breakfast nooks and don’t make use of the dining table. By removing the dining room, you’re left with more space to extend your kitchen in. You can use this area to add more counters or perhaps an island or bar where guests can freely sit and your family can have their meals.

Outdoor Kitchen

Let’s say you don’t have enough room in the house to improve your kitchen. Or you simply can’t give up the dining room. The next question is, do you have a large backyard? If yes, there’s no reason to fret since you can stop limiting your cooking abilities and parties indoors through an outdoor kitchen.

An outdoor kitchen is much more advantageous than your regular kitchen setup. Aside from providing more space, it also lessens your worries when it comes to lingering odours after meal prep and cooking. You can install a grill for some authentic barbecue experience as well.

If you have a larger budget, you can even bridge an outdoor kitchen and a deck or patio together – the perfect combination for social gatherings, regardless if you’re hosting children or adults.

With that, it’s important to work with construction experts if you’re planning to make additions to your home. This way, you can prevent mistakes. You’ll also go about the process safely and legally, and you’ll have professionals to give you advice if you encounter any problems before reaching the final product.

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