Types of Home Inspection a Homeowner Should Know About

home inspection

As a homeowner, you should inspect your home regularly to avoid structural problems. However, most homeowners don’t know the types of inspections that their houses need. You might be paying attention to one part of your house and disregarding another, which is equally important. So, what parts of your house should you pay attention to during home inspections. Here are crucial home inspections you should consider.

1. Chimney Inspection

If you have a fireplace, you need to hire a professional to inspect your chimney regularly to check if your firebox is venting correctly. A buildup of soot and creosote can prevent airflow in your chimney, which can block the passage of smoke and carbon monoxide, causing the potentially dangerous substances to accumulate in the house or find other exit alternatives exits.

Smoke and gases released when you burn firewood are hazardous and could lead to allergic reactions or carbon monoxide poisoning. Some elements from the fireplace can also be flammable, and so if not removed, they can lead to fires. Hence, you should get a professional inspection to detect chimney problems and have them fixed on time.

2. Electrical Inspection

Inspecting your electrical systems is an excellent step towards enhancing safety in your house. An electrical inspection is usually conducted after electrical installation, during property transactions, and periodically during house inspections.

The professional will look at your electronic devices, wiring, outlets, and electrical panels. This inspection type helps identify and prevent electrical accidents. Therefore, you should also ensure you get EICR for properties from the professionals after the electrical inspection.

3. Foundation Inspection

The foundation is a crucial part since it supports all other parts of your house. Therefore, it should always be in good condition. Unfortunately, the foundation can experience different problems over time. Examples of foundation issues include water damage, drainage issues, cracks, tree root damage, a slight movement, and foundation settling.

The inspector will use advanced procedures to look at your foundation and inform you of any worrisome signs. A structural engineer will use the report presented by your inspector to solve any foundation problem. This will help protect your house and loved ones from potential structural issues.


4. Roof Inspection

Your roof is exposed to many threatening elements, such as harsh weather conditions, moisture, flying debris, falling trees, and dust. These elements can cause roof damage. Therefore, you need to get roof inspections to discover any warning signs of damage and hire a roofing contractor to fix the problem.

Some of the signs that the inspector will look for are damaged or missing shingles, discolouration, clogged gutters, blistering, and wear and tear. Is it safe to inspect your roof by yourself? It is advisable to hire professionals for roof inspection because they have the right equipment to safely and successfully do the job.

5. Mould Inspection

Mould growth is typical in rooms with high moisture levels, such as the basement, bathrooms, and near swimming pools. Mould can cause health problems, and thus you need to identify signs of mould growth.

A mould inspector is trained to identify different types of mould in your house and choose the right solution to mould problems. They can test for the presence of mould spores in your air and even spot those that might be migrating to other rooms.

6. Pest Inspection

Your home can be affected by pests, such as termites, rodents, and cockroaches, among others. These pests can damage wood and affect other items in the house. Fortunately, when you get pest inspection regularly, you can spot them earlier and call a pest professional to help you exterminate them.

Home inspections are crucial as they can save you vast amounts of money you would have used in repairs. Ensure that you get these inspections from professionals to prevent structural issues.

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