DIY Pest Control: Remedies You Can Do During the Pandemic

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During the pandemic, there are things that you can’t do that you usually are able to under normal situations. One of these is the ability to call on teams of professionals to deal with home problems. There are many problems that a home faces and one of them is pests overrunning your homes.

Pest invasions aren’t very comfortable situations at all. It also depends on whether they’re a huge nuisance or not. Whether you’re dealing with a mosquito infestation that requires immediate control measures or a hive of bees or the buzzing of flies, you’re going to need remedies to drive them out of your home. It’s not so easy to do that during the pandemic when PPEs and other protective measures should be made to solve these problems.

Take a look at these tips and see which ones you can do. There’s no wrong solution, but there’s a particular workaround to whatever pest infestation you’re experiencing right now.

Eggs — For your Deer problem

Believe it or not, deer are driven away by eggs. There are many benefits that eggs do provide as food; they can help you with your quick cravings, not to mention it being a staple during breakfast. It’s an amazing deer repellent because you can just spray your garden with them. It’ll keep those herbivores away from munching on the leaves of your plants.

If you’re living in an area with many deer, then try this solution. Crack some eggs and create a solution that’s 20% eggs and 80% water. Mix them in a blender then put that solution on a spray bottle. Spray it on your plants, then watch the magic happen; deer will steer clear of your garden.

Clove, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary — Oil mixture, mite away

If you’re a pet lover, chances are you’ll want the best for your pets. Aside from making sure that their needs are secure even under the pandemic, you’ll have to make sure that they’re safe from pets. They usually take on mites. These pests aren’t only limited to pestering your pets; in some cases, they can also pester you, where you can take on some diseases as well.

If you want to get rid of those, the trick is to get a spray bottle of water and add Clove, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lavender, or Rosemary into it. If your pets are sleeping on your bed, spray these onto it. It will drive the mites away as they do not like the smell of the oil.

Mint and Garlic — For various insects

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It’s already a known fact that garlic works as an insect repellent. You can try it out for yourself, with a few additions as well. You can add mint to the garlic spray by adding mint leaves to the garlic mixture, as well as dish-washing liquid with a dash of cayenne pepper — not to taste.

Mix the garlic and dishwashing liquid. Bring that mixture to a boil. Never mind the smell; it can also be quite aromatic, depending on whether you like garlic, then set it for a night.

In the morning, put it in your sprayer, and spray away wherever you see there are insect pests in your home. It’s a natural pest control aid for you, aside from it being eco-friendly.

Coffee Grounds: More than just for a cup of coffee

If you’re a coffee-lover, then you’ll be delighted to know that there are other uses for your coffee grounds. It’s known that you can use those coffee grounds as part of compost for gardening. You can also use those leftovers to drive away pests from your garden.

Spread them in spots where you think critters are scurrying around in your flower bed and other parts of your garden. Coffee has a smell that drives away many pests, leaving you with a critter-free space to work your magic in.

Banana Peels — a natural ‘white away’

In gardens, another pest problem is aphids. These are seen as a white blight on plants that are actually pests. If there are a lot of these in your rose bush or other parts of your garden, a banana peel under the soil usually drives them away. Place it underneath near the stems of your plants. It’s also a good fertilizer as it enriches the soil when it rots away.

The pandemic does leave you a lot of time for doing things you normally could not do. The garden is one place you can visit in your home. If you’ve neglected it, and pests are coming in, try to learn to drive them away using natural methods.

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