8 Add-Ons to Beef Up Your Home’s Security and Functionality

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The COVID-19 pandemic paved the way for many homeowners to give their properties much-needed and long-delayed makeovers with the spare time they suddenly had plenty of in their hands.

Incidentally, home improvements had such a heyday even during the height of the pandemic’s rage. Surveys have shown that many homeowners were more than eager to allocate and source funding for their planned improvements, which typically include installing a home office and air filtration systems in light of COVID-19.

If you’re among these property owners who are determined to push through with your planned home improvements, here are eight add-ons you should consider to beef up your home security and functionality:

A tougher driveway gate

If your home is gated and you have a family vehicle (or several of them), it’s only logical to protect not only your vehicle but also your home against unwanted intrusions. If the current driveway gate that you have is already old and needs to be replaced, then you should put it on top of your list.

If you want to improve your property’s perimeter security, you need to look around for tough and affordable driveway gates for sale. There are manufacturers of such residential products out there who would be willing to customize one for your property.

You may simply choose from the different materials that they have, pick a design, and have them measure the area where the gate is to be installed for a perfect fit. And because it’s customized, you can pick a design that will enhance your property’s curb appeal for a win-win combination of beauty and functionality.

Reinforced doors and windows

There are plenty of ways to make sure that your doors and windows won’t be easily tampered with and allow burglars to have a go at your valuables. You may reinforce them by installing deadbolts and strike plates on the doors and glass break sensors or window bars on your windows.

You may also strengthen your glass windows with window security film which could also act as a privacy screen, as well as an excellent UV light and heat blocker. For the doors, upgrading them to smart locks and installing video doorbells would be excellent ways to deter most intruders.

Perimeter/outdoor lighting

A well-lit outdoors and perimeter is often enough to discourage most burglars, so be sure to invest in excellent-quality outdoor lighting, preferably waterproof and dust-proof. There are many of these products available in most home supplies stores, so getting ones that suit your budget and needs should be easy.

Home surveillance system

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If you want to monitor your home even when while you’re away, you need to invest in a home surveillance system that can be connected to your home’s WiFi for remote viewing. The cameras should cover practically all entry and exit points to ensure total coverage and protection. Installing signs that announce the presence of these cameras should also serve as a gentle reminder to would-be burglars that they are being watched and should just abandon their shady intention.

Custom cabinetry

After you’ve beefed up your home security, you need to improve its functionality at once. One excellent way to do that is to have a local artisan create custom cabinetry for your kitchen, bathroom, garage, and bedrooms.

This type of storage amenity may cost more than factory-made ones but the design compatibility and custom construction ensure that you’ll get storage that is not just pleasing to the eyes but also perfect for your storage requirements.

Smart appliances

They say that if you want to live smartly, you need to spend money on home features that are smart in their own ways.

These so-called smart home amenities include smart speakers, smart TVs, smart bulbs, and programmable thermostats. You could also buy smart locks and smart outlets, as well as other smart home appliances and devices that are commercially available.

Outdoor living amenities

If you want to make your backyard a mirror image of your living room, kitchen, or bedroom, then you should invest in some outdoor living amenities soon. These worthwhile add-ons include an outdoor fire pit or fireplace, outdoor kitchen, deck, patio, gazebo, sitting walls, and the like. They would cost you a considerable amount of money, but the improved functionality that you’ll get will make your investment worth every cent.


This might just be among the priciest add-on on this list, but is also one of the best in terms of aesthetics and functionality. A conservatory can serve as an extra dining room, home office, library, or events place. You can also turn it into a nursery or reception area, depending on your needs. It’s a versatile home addition that you won’t regret investing in.

With these excellent add-ons to your home, you’ll surely reap their benefits in terms of security, functionality, and aesthetics as well.

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