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The home security of yesterday involved simple devices like burglar alarms and deadbolts. While these security measures are still of significant importance today, they work best when complemented by smart home technology that aims to make home protection easier, cheaper, and more effective.

With the rapid development of smart technology, there is now an abundance of modern security options that homeowners can choose from. Unlike security systems in the past, these options are less complicated and are generally more affordable to operate, not to mention a whole lot more convenient to use.

Whether you’re planning to buy real estate in the suburbs or in the big city, home security should be an utmost priority. Apart from the basic security measures like locks and gates, here are the best modern home security technologies that you should look into.

Video doorbells

Video doorbells allow you to see whoever or whatever is in front of your door from your smartphone or computer, helping you monitor your home from anywhere in the world as long as you have Internet. You can program this type of device to send you alerts whenever someone rings your doorbell or when it detects movement in front of your door. Depending on the model or brand, you can also speak to visitors through the doorbell through an app on your smartphone.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology, video doorbells can differentiate non-threats (family members, friends, yourself) from actual potential threats. These features help avoid giving you unnecessary alerts when the camera detects your family member or a stray cat passing by, which, in turn, help you determine if there is a real threat on your property.

Remote home monitoring

In the past, residential security cameras can only be monitored from a computer inside the home and are only good for surveillance. Today, home cameras have remote monitoring features that let homeowners view their property from a smart device. Apart from being an excellent tool to keep your home secure, remote home monitoring also allows you to keep an eye on your children or pets when you’re not at home.

Some remote home monitoring systems also have features that will alert you if an unidentified individual enters your home. You can also program your monitoring system to automatically call the police if someone enters your home, which is especially useful if the house is going to be unoccupied for quite some time.

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Code locks

Keys can be duplicated or stolen, making them unreliable when it comes to securing your home from intruders. Access code locks answer that problem by putting an extra layer of protection for your home. Since only household members will know the combination, you won’t have to worry about someone breaking into your home with a stolen key (or perhaps a spare key hidden somewhere on your property).

Moreover, code locks also have a feature that allows you to lock and unlock doors from a smart device. This is especially useful in instances where you forget to lock the door and have already left the house, or when you are expecting maintenance service to come in at some point during the day.

Biometric security

Unfortunately, code locks can also get stolen. If you want a lock system that is strictly accessible only by household members, invest in a biometric security lock. This type of system requires a fingerprint to allow access to the home, making it impossible for unwanted guests to enter even if they have the keys.

Motion detecting lights

Keeping all of your exterior lights on all night is expensive, but it’s one of the best ways to deter criminals from your home. While it’s not a good idea to turn off all your exterior lights when you go to sleep, you can reduce your energy consumption by turning off a few and replacing some of them with motion-detecting lights.

As the name suggests, motion-detecting lights turn on automatically when it detects movement. If a burglar tries to approach your home, the sudden illumination may very well be enough to spook them away.

Siren padlock

Padlocks are common choices to secure gates and outbuildings which may not be compatible with standard door locks. These padlocks emit a loud sound when someone tries to tamper with them, alerting you of a potential thief’s presence before they can open the lock. They also have a notification feature that alerts you of potential criminal activity even when you are not at home.


Modern home security is becoming more and more accessible as technology continues to develop. That said, there is no good reason why you shouldn’t equip your home with these devices to upgrade your home security, as well as grant yourself peace of mind.

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