5 Trends to Consider for Your Bathroom Remodel This 2019

bathroom with white bathtub, towels, and plants

Still itching to do some home renovations this year? Before tearing down that wall without a plan, consider the spaces you and your family use the most. For instance, while your bathroom is mainly for function, it does not mean you cannot decorate and have fun with it. When conducting bathroom remodeling, Ogden homeowners take inspiration from these bathroom design trends, and you should too.

Matte Black Elements

Whether you like a matching look or prefer combining finishes, using black as an accent in the bathroom could transform the look and feel of the space. Black vanity hardware, a matte black faucet, and black tiles could lend some subtle sophistication to your bathroom. Against a white or light wall, matte black fixtures such as a showerhead could look equally chic.

Spa-Like Accents and Features

You can enjoy small luxuries in your bathroom, and not only during vacations or spa days. More than ever, more companies are releasing products that you can use for pampering right in your own bathroom. If a new tub is not in your budget, go for luxurious towels and mats, upscale candles, aromatherapy oils, and bath products instead. In addition, consider upgrading your bathroom’s lighting to imitate the calm and serene feel like that of high-end spas.

Statement Art

Given the basic nature of bathrooms and lack of scenery, homeowners are looking to incorporate some texture and color into their bathrooms. Opt for artwork in different sizes with unique matting and framing. As bathrooms are inherently humid spaces, choose affordable art pieces or even posters to inject some personality and color into your bathroom.

Gray Cabinets

The right gray hue can perfectly complement a white bathroom. Many interior decorators and homeowners love grays because they are perfect backdrops for existing features, plus deeper gray tones lend that moodiness and depth to any space. Likewise, since gray is a perfect neutral, it will give you some color, but would still allow other colors and features in the space to shine. You can enliven grays with many different elements including bold and bright graphics or floral patterns, a colorful tile, or even a kitschy wallpaper.

Marble Oh Marble

bathroom with bathtub in marble countertop

As a countertop, on floors or walls, aside from serving as a grand and classy focal point, marble is also durable and naturally porous so it absorbs water quickly. This makes it one of the most ideal stones for use in the bathroom.

The look of marble plays well with light and has an inherent hint of transparency. On the other hand, marble is also expensive so if you simply cannot afford a slab of high-grade marble, you can consider just buying some marble tiles in different shapes and sizes to build an interesting focal point or pattern.

Whether you are leaning towards making small changes or completely renovating your bathroom, you have plenty of trendy options to choose from. Just keep it within your budget (or not, if you have the resources) and everything else will fall into place.


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