Setting Up Your Dream Game Room

Aside from a relaxing living room, a dreamy bedroom, and a well-curated kitchen, there’s one more room that every Melbourne West house and land package could have: the perfect game room. While millennials would immediately think about playing video games inside a room with the ultimate setup, this kind of room can work for any other types of games, whether you’re into retro arcades, pinball machines, classic pool hall, or even trading cards. There’s something great knowing you have an area in your own place where you can just have fun, invite some friends over, and just unleash the inner child in you.

Here’s how you can create that dream game room in your home:

Make sure there’s enough space for one.

The great thing about setting up a game room is that it can fit in almost anywhere. Whether you have a basement, an attic, a spare bedroom, or even some space in your garage, you can build the game room of your dreams. But while it’s easy to figure out if a table will fit into a particular space, it can be challenging to imagine how people will interact and move about while using that table. You need to make space for both players and observers, as there’s nothing more fun than playing a game with an audience.

This is one aspect of a game room you can never ignore: you need several games. If you’re planning to put a billiard table, an air hockey table, or a game of table tennis in your game room, make sure here’s enough space for people to move around. The same is also true even if you’re only setting up a table for puzzles and board games, plus you also need to consider the space for chairs. People should be able to sit down and get up from these chairs comfortably.

See if you can combine the game room with other existing areas.

There are many areas in your that can be turned into a game room. Sometimes, you don’t even need an entire room – you can simply set up a gaming corner if you have extra unused space just off your living room, for example. Combining your game room with other areas in your house is perfect if you own a small space home. You can make specific spaces multi functional, no matter how little they may be. Add a dartboard, for example, on the wall in your dining area or a small pool table next to your home bar.

Provide enough sources of light.

If you’re setting up a room to enjoy some video games for hours, proper lighting may not be as essential because the monitor will provide enough illumination. In fact, many prefer playing video games in the dark. However, for all other types of game rooms, you’ll need to set up the lighting properly to make sure people actually see what they’re doing. Overhead lighting is perfect to create the right mood, but for specific activities, smaller light sources such as floor lamps, table lamps, and wall sconces may be all you need.

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