Using School Materials to Upgrade Your Home Interiors

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Everything pleasing to the eye can exude calmness, allowing you to relax, and a relaxing ambiance is essential in a home. Houses can also be a source of pride, seeing how big of an investment it is. To flaunt your home and make guests appreciate every feature and furnishings, you must adorn it with beautiful decor and embellishments to add or bring out its beauty.

Most people think beautifying your home costs a lot. Still, when you abound with creativity, you can turn to cost-effective materials or even ultimately save money on your revamping projects. The materials listed below might already be in your hobby room or on your kid’s shelves; all you need are deft hands and plenty of imagination to start creating decor that can level up your interiors.

School Glue

White glue, commonly used for school projects, seldom has a purpose in home repairs or renovations. However, this material can go a long way if you know where to use it. Given that its original use was to stick things together, glue can also be perfect in making decoupage. For this project, you can cover your old furniture in charming patterns using a mix of glue and water. You can also use it to seal gaps and holes to give your interiors a seamless look.

Rubber Bands

Rubber bands are popular solutions when you need to keep things together. Although it’s a material you can find lying around almost anywhere, you’re lucky to have them at hand since they can do wonders for organization purposes. You can use rubber bands to keep your ribbons and other rolls of paper or garments from unspooling so that your hobby room remains neat and organized. Its matte surface also makes for a great gripping agent, providing you the traction you need to unscrew tough jar covers.

Hot Glue

Unlike regular school glue, hot glue can last for longer and is effective on almost all materials. But aside from school projects, this can help shine the spotlight on your home decor. If you don’t want to damage your walls, you can use hot glue to mount light materials and add fun embellishments to your wall space. Applying hot glue to the underside of your rugs and carpets will also help keep them in place, saving you plenty of time from repeatedly straightening them.

Crepe Paper

There are plenty of projects you can do with crepe paper, and this includes streamers for birthday parties and decors for a photo wall. If you like flowers and want to enjoy them in full bloom for as long as possible, you can create ones using crepe paper instead. With its thin and soft design, crepe paper can perfectly mimic flower petals, allowing you to fashion realistic ones and display them in the focal points of your home.

Double-sided Tape

As with glue, tapes are also popular materials for adhesive projects. Besides clear tape, double-sided tape boasts more uses, making it perfect for home repairs. When you use double-sided tape with strong adhesion that applies to almost all surfaces, you can build small and big projects, such as a wood shelf and a glass terrarium. You can even reinforce cloth materials by keeping them from running and fraying.

Double-sided tape is another non-invasive supply you can use if you want to mount something on your walls. But if you’re planning to give your walls a complete makeover, you might want to use easy-to-install faux shiplap panels. With the perfect wall decor, your home can be the apple of the eye of your guests.


chalk and board

Before whiteboard markers and projected presentations, chalks were essential in every classroom. Though no longer widely used, chalk is still a medium preferred by some artists. Aside from writing and drawing, you can also use chalk for home maintenance, particularly in deterring ants and making your metals rust-resistant.

Ants can damage the wood in your home, and if you have this problem, all you need to do is draw a line in affected areas. Keeping your metals in optimum condition is also possible with chalk. When you put silverware or your tools in storage, the best thing to do is wrap them with chalk to absorb moisture and give them rust-proof protection.


Art projects using cardboard boxes aren’t new. Thankfully, with this durable and pliable material, the things you can do with it keep expanding. For instance, if you’re looking for ways to spice up your plain mirror, you can modify it with a sunburst design using cardboard cutouts you can get from tissue paper. Cutting them to fit photographs is another creative approach to upcycling discarded cardboard boxes and a way to showcase your precious memories.

With plenty of ideas and a creative mind, you don’t have to shell out excessive amounts of money to make your home stand out. Plan everything out so that you can proceed with the project with confidence.

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