Instant Curb Appeal: Ways to Make Your House Stand Out

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If you do not want your house to be just another one on the block, then you can think about ways to make it attractive for onlookers. Apart from lending aesthetic value to the space, it also tends to increase the selling price, lest you think about selling it in the future. If you don’t want to depersonalize it too much, generalization can help you get a universal appeal for any select group of buyers.

You should consider making amendments to the exteriors first, including the curb, the front door, the façade, or the gardens. It does not have to cost a bomb; you just need your creative thinking. Additionally, you should pay attention to the canopy or awnings. They can revamp your home completely. Most home buyers will change the interior after buying a new house to match their preference, so exteriors matter the most.

Here are a few ways to make your house stand out.

Entry Door

This is the feature that can instantly change the presentation of your house. It is also the focal point of your curb appeal. The front doorway should be free from any encumbrances. A chipped or dirty porch can also deter people, so repair them. Choose a style and design for the front door to match the architecture of the space. Fiberglass, steel, and glass can make the door look attractive. Steel is also quite durable for the front door. Burglars will have a hard time breaking it down. Get one that meets your needs.


Minor modifications to the terrace can also increase your home’s curb appeal. It is also the most visible part of the home for onlookers. Many people have gardens that tend to hide the front façade to a certain extent, but no one ever misses the terrace. It is also visible from the neighbor’s windows on higher levels. Traditional grays, blacks, and browns are excellent choices for this part of your house. However, the latest metal techniques can also add a touch of glamour. You should also call a residential or commercial roof repair expert to survey the portion from time to time.

It can solve leaks, standing water intrusion, and drainage issues. If not taken care of early on, water seepage can also damage the interiors. These technicians have better knowledge than handymen and can do more than just patch several leaky areas for a year without longevity. Address the site from an aesthetic and functional side, and see the benefits.

Garage Door and Driveway

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Apart from the front entry door, the garage door also plays a massive role in improving attraction. You should always ensure that the garage doors are not faulty, and they should also not make any squeaking noises. You need to regularly oil the hinges for better movement. Look for rust and warping signs. Sometimes, the panels also need to be replaced. The door is constantly subjected to the weather’s onslaught and can make the door look ugly. Get a professional to check the nuts, bolts, cables, and pulleys. You need to pay attention to the same, as thieves and burglars can also break in through the garage.

Various garage doors are available, like sliding ones, hinged ones, and barricade types. Choose a garage door that matches the front door and the house’s overall look. If you do not want to change the older one, keep it mobile.

The driveway also needs a lot of attention. That is the route most guests will take with their car on entering the space. Cracks and potholes tend to make the area uneven. Your guests might just get their shoes stuck inside one of the holes. It will surely not impress them in any manner. Gravel driveways are great as they are flexible. You can also get simple concrete and stones to form interesting patterns. Additionally, the material is long-lasting, so you would spend only once and enjoy the benefits for years to come.

Lawn and Garden

Beautiful and well-manicured lawns and gardens also increase the value of the space. You should plan meticulously and see the results. Greenery also adds therapeutic value to a room. We are so used to concrete that greenery gives us a sense of calm. A well-managed landscape can add loads of benefits to the environment and the inhabitants. Healthy gardens and lawns also tend to catch water run-offs and prevent floods. They can also clean the air around the home and make it cooler.

Using seasonal plants can also make it more colorful. Choose low-maintenance plants if you plan to tend to the area independently. Additionally, you can use your kitchen scrap as fertilizer to maintain green standards.

These are just a few ways to make your house look more attractive. Since these ideas require creativity, you can tweak them to suit your goals and budget. So explore different architectural styles and come up with more great ideas to improve the look of your haven.

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