How to Win the Loyalty of Your Hotel Guests

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With occupancy rates dropping and new accommodations being built, hotel competition has become fiercer. While you can level up your marketing efforts to attract new customers, it will cost you five times more than to keep your existing clients. Repeat guests are the lifeblood of your hospitality business.

They do not only pay for your products and services, but they act as your ambassadors. They tell the world about your brand through different avenues- social media, online forums, blogs, and personal interactions. So the first time you earn their business, make sure to give them the best experience possible. Here are some ways to earn five stars from your hotel guests:

1. Let your lawn create an inviting impression.

The second your guests step onto your hotel’s premises, their first impression matters. A clean and stunning garden will make your guests feel that they’ve found a haven away from the routines of modern life. Aside from your establishment’s service and interior design, a manicured lawn with a sprawling landscape is a reassuring indicator of your commitment to excellence.

This becomes a lasting impression which will not only make your guests return, but will inspire them to spread the word about you. Thus, keeping your hotel’s lawn in spectacular condition should be on your checklist. Make sure to work with commercial lawn companies that will provide expert care to your hotel grounds and garden all year round.

2. Offer help instead of selling.

Upselling and cross-selling help your hotel to generate additional revenues. While guests are willing to spend more on things that will add value to their stay, they hate generic sales pitches. Listen to your guests, talk about their wants and needs, and educate them about available upgrades and add-ons that will give them valuable benefits.

When you upsell something that does not offer significant value to your guests, they will resent your attempt as pushy and aggressive. Do not just chase the sale. Know your guests and make sure to suggest the right offer to the right customer at the right time.

3. Roll out the red carpet.

Avoid treating your loyal guests like any other customer. Show them that you appreciate their business and prepare something special when you’re expecting them. Have an extra staff to welcome them, offer a drink, carry their luggage, and attend to their needs for a day. Provide them with a free upgrade or give them a personalized gift. Treat your loyal guests like VIPs and make an event out of their every visit.

According to a survey, a single negative experience can make 71% of customers to forget about your brand. Most of them will not complain to you, but they share their bad experience with their family, friends, and followers. Thus, their feedback can make your hotel to either sink or succeed in the market. Keep your hotel guests coming back by providing them with an exceptional experience every time and continuously spotting for opportunities on how to serve them better.

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