How to Make Your Couches Last Longer


Sofas are expensive pieces of furniture. That said, it makes perfect sense to make it last for as long as possible. Apart from the entertainment system, your sofa set is probably the most expensive thing that you have in your living room. However, since it is the most used furniture in the house, it’s also prone to wearing out way too early.

To keep your sofa in good condition for many years to come, here are some things that you should keep in mind:

1. Don’t throw your weight onto it

Even though Singapore-made furniture such as high-quality wooden bed frames and couches are known to be extremely durable, there is still a limit as to how much abuse they can handle. To prevent your couch from wearing out too quickly, make it a household rule that no one is allowed to jump, plop, or throw themselves on the couch. Throwing your weight on the sofa can damage its frame.

2. Keep leather away from heat

Leather sofas are prone to flaking, cracking, and discoloration when exposed to direct sunlight or heat. As much as possible, place your sofa a good distance away from the windows and other sources of heat, such as the fireplace and space heaters.

3. Clean spills immediately

While spills are preventable, accidents can still happen. If you spill liquids on your sofa, be sure to clean it up immediately before the stain settles into the material. Dab the spill with a clean, damp towel; don’t wipe it, as this can cause the stain to spread even further. Clean the surface with a commercial cleaner or homemade solutions.

4. Avoid eating or drinking on the couch

Since couches are among the most frequented furniture in the house, they are also the dirtiest. Avoid eating or drinking while sitting on the sofa to avoid spilling liquids on the material or having food crumbs in between the cushions. If you cannot avoid it, at least throw a covering over the couch before eating or drinking. Better yet, have a loose cover fitted over your sofa to get full protection.

5. Vacuum regularly

living room

Dust mites, crumbs, and other debris can make your sofa look dirty and unkempt. So, make it a habit to vacuum your sofa at least twice a month to get rid of dust and other nasty debris. Do it once a week if your family always hangs out in the living room or if you have pets that shed. Don’t forget to check for valuables or sharp objects in between the cushions, though.

6. Rotate or refill foam cushions

Foam cushions deteriorate over time, but you can slow down the process by rotating your cushions at least a few times a month. After a few years, you can refill your cushions with new foam to keep them plump and comfortable.

New couches are always a great investment. And to make this investment last as long as possible, follow these maintenance tips by heart. HIre a professional if you need help in doing the maintenance work.

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