How to Make the Best Promo Flyer

making the proper promo flyer

When you’re looking for a way to promote your company, you tend to focus on the digital side of things. This is understandable since the Internet is the biggest advertising platform out there. However, you shouldn’t ignore the traditional side of marketing. Print ads and more have been promoting products successfully for years, and you can still use them to great advantage.

Working with commercial printing companies, you will be able to create many promotional materials that can reach many people. One of the more practical items is the flyer. Flyers are distributed to various channels and are easy to send. If you want to create them on your own, here are a few design tips:

Focus on Function

Though most people think that making a flyer look cool is the primary goal, you should focus on its function, which is to convey information to potential customers. Flyers are not known for their space, so you’ll need to be concise. Get into the meat of your products and services and showcase them immediately. You should do your best to ensure that the information is easy to read. This ensures that it does its job.

Value Your Customers

The goal of a flyer is to catch the attention of a potential customer and get them reading. This seems complicated, but doing it right can simplify things. For one, you need to target your customers. Not everyone is going to buy your product, so focus on those who have a higher chance of doing so.

For example, if you market to people in their 30s, you might want to bank on nostalgia and use characters from 90s cartoons to catch their eye. Always craft your flyer so that you can better reach a particular type of customer for better results.

Proper Layout Is Your Friend

essence of a proper layout

One of the biggest problems that you face is the lack of space. You can easily make the mistake of overcrowding your brochure with various elements. This is why you should sit down and make a proper layout for it. The most straightforward approach is to have a simple grid, which can be very useful when you are trying to sell a variety of products. Grids can also be used in different ways, so don’t limit yourself to an essential three-by-three grid. Add more lines on one side or move the edges a little.

Besides using grid lines, layouts could be much simpler if you went for an understated design. Don’t try to crowd things into the flyer or be too colorful. Sometimes, a simple black, white, and gray color palette can work wonders.

In the end, flyers are very versatile. You can leave them somewhere for people to pick up or have someone hand them out. Your flyers should catch the eye of people. With a small investment, you can experience a big bump in attention thanks to well-made flyers. If you need more suggestions or pointers, you can always seek the help of experts or professionals.

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