How to Keep Things Cool When You’re Driving in a Heat Wave

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Excessive heat can influence everyone, including our vehicles. That’s why it’s crucial to learn how you can tell if your car is already overheating. A car’s engine can overheat for various reasons. But most of the time, your coolant is the root cause of the problem.

The car’s coolant is responsible for maintaining your car engine’s low temperature. Once it gets below the threshold, it can cause your car’s engine to overheat. Aside from having leaks, another problem that can cause you to lose your car’s coolants is if there are any broken parts.

Having any defective parts in the cooling system can hinder its natural flow. Inadequate lubrication caused by low oil levels can also cause your engine to heat up. That’s because it tends to generate friction between all its moving parts.

There are other reasons a car can overheat. But all its telltale signs are the same. If you notice any of these signs, then there’s a chance that your car engine is already overheating.


One of the visible signs that your car engine is overheating is if steam is coming out of the hood or alongside it. It may sometimes even appear like smoke with an unusual smell.

A hot hood

Another telltale sign that you have an engine problem is a hot hood. If you can’t place your hand on top of the car hood for fear of burning yourself, then don’t.

An overheated car hood could mean that you have problems with your engine. If your engine feels too hot, then it’s best to go to a diesel repair shop in Salt Lake City, Utah, to your engine checked.

Unusual sounds

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An overheated engine can create hissing and other unusual sounds inside your car. One reason behind it is that the car’s anti-freeze liquid is leaking at a high rate. The fluid tends to generate a sizzling noise after getting close to a hot engine.

Once you’ve made sure that your car engine is overheating, then immediately turn off your car’s air conditioner and park your vehicle where it’s safe. If you’re stuck in traffic, then park the car and rev the engine a bit.

You should also keep a new coolant with you inside your vehicle. Adding coolant often helps resolve the issue immediately.

How to keep car cool during a heat wave

There are times when you don’t really have a choice but to hit the road even when there’s a heat wave. But at times like this, it’s crucial that you do as much as you can to be careful.

High temperatures can make drivers prone to heatstroke. So always try to keep it cool by constantly rehydrating yourself. Also, avoid traveling during the sun’s peak hours. Don’t hesitate to use your air-conditioner if you already feel dizzy because of the heat.

You need to ensure that your car’s engine has enough coolant to carry you through the heat wave. Pull over right away and call for assistance. Driving any further can lead to some severe accident later.

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