How Pressure Points Can Help Alleviate Headaches

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Pain and discomfort caused by headaches are common for most people. And while there are various remedies to treat it, there are specific treatments that not only alleviate its effects but also help you relax at the same time.

The human body has several pressure points believed to be able to provide relief to a person. People who practice reflexology believes that knowing the body’s pressure points can help improve one’s health, restore balance, and even help ease the pain such as headache. But how does it work?

Pressure points for headache

Chinese tradition says that acupressure points help restore the person’s “flow of qi” or their energy across his entire meridians. There are five pressure points to relieve headache.

Third-eye pressure points

You can put your point and index finger between your eyebrows and press the space where your forehead meets the bridge of your nose. Ensure that you stay in the same position for one minute to maximize the result.

Then, you can either circularly massage the area or press it. The pressure helps boost the production of melatonin from the pineal gland. Research shows that an abundant production of melatonin can help relieve migraine.

Bright lights pressure point

With bright lights pressure point, you need to find your brow bone using both of your index fingers above your eyes’ inner corner. Then, apply pressure points on each side to relieve general headaches. You can also stimulate one side for one minute and switch over to the other side to relieve yourself from headache.

Facial beauty pressure point

When finding your facial beauty pressure point, you need to use your index finger and lead it to the bottom of your cheekbone. You need to apply gentle pressure to it for a minute or even massage it in circular motions.

Aside from alleviating a person’s headache, it can also help relieve a person’s sinus pain and congestion. You can even do it while using infinity massage chairs at home.

Shoulder well point

Shoulder well point massage

You can find the shoulder well halfway between the base of your neck and your shoulder point. To use this pressure point, you can use one of your thumbs and apply firm pressure for a minute. Then, do it on the other side and repeat the process.

Wind mansion pressure point

Place your hand on the back of your head and use one of your thumbs to find the center hollow. You can find it right under the base of your skull, which is perfect if you have a stiff neck.

To achieve maximum results, you can also hold an ice cube and place it to your pressure point. Doing so helps release the endorphins throughout your body and restores its balance.

Knowing your pressure points is an excellent way to help relieve yourself from your daily headache. You can also ask your doctor for other ways to help control your problem. Knowing and understanding the root cause of it is always the best way to help manage it for good.

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