Finding Your Dream Home: The Ultimate House Hunting Checklist

Purchasing your dream property may be high on your list of ambitions. It is one of those achievements that most youngsters today love to brag about. Earlier, most people used to spend an entire lifetime accumulating wealth to buy a property. However, today things are different. Banks and financial institutions have made it possible for millennials to become an owner today.

Today, any person with a stable income can take out a loan, buy a house, and become the owner within a few years. However, you need to be careful whether you wish to buy a home with your savings or by borrowing money. Property, if chosen right, may become a productive asset, otherwise a regret. Thus, to not regret in the future, pay attention to the below factors and make a wise property buying decision.


You should prepare a feature list beforehand. Otherwise, you will complain later. Some people dream of waking up to the sunset, and some love to hear the bird’s chirp. You may want to listen to the waves dashing against the beach. The first thing that one looks at is the layout of the property. No matter if it is an apartment or a house, you cannot overlook this.

The space before the walls, doors, and windows, makes a huge difference. It would be best to visualize how your existing furniture will look against the walls. The location of windows is essential, as it will affect the way you can place the furniture. If you are buying a furnished place, then you should check out the condition of the appliances. Check their warranties to determine if paying for them will be worth your money.

Walk-in closets are also desirable. You should look out for them in bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. That is where you store your clothes, towels, and kitchen equipment, respectively. In addition to the walk-in closet, check for other amenities as well. Those can be anything depending on your requirement, such as elevators, theater rooms, swimming pools, Wi-Fi, garages or bike paths, restaurants, health club facilities, parks, golf courses, community centers, etc.


You need to look for a location that goes with your lifestyle and needs. If you are working somewhere, you need to consider the transport and communication available. Moreover, if you have a car, then it can come a close second. But still, fuel expenditure is also an important consideration. There are other needs, like grocery, departmental stores, shopping malls, schools, and gyms. If you want to be near entertainment zones, then do some driving around the place. Check for yourself if all the above are within a short distance. It will help you get a clear picture.

You also need to check out the neighborhood. If you happen to be the friendly type, you might want such like-minded people in your vicinity. Some people hate noise. However, you will have to bear with a lot of it if the chosen place is near the main street or a highway. Additionally, you should also check for dust particles. If you stay near the main road, then you will face a lot of dust. And, the only option may be to keep your windows closed at all times. You may seek help from real estate players such as They will help with everything, from finding the right location to amenities.


When investing in a home, which is a dream for many, consider the property age. There are pros and cons associated with buying older as well as new homes. If you are purchasing an older independent villa, you may be getting a unique architecture that sets your home apart from the rest. However, you may have to undertake repair works sooner. If you are buying a new property, you may or may not get the architecture in mention.

In the case of apartments, you have a minimal choice. Developers will rarely agree to any structural changes, as it may hamper the foundation of the building. Older properties may also need you to get handyman services as soon as you shift. Therefore, it is up to you to decide which one to opt for. If you can invest in a property while still under construction, you can still get some leeway to alter a few basic features.


This is, by all means, an essential facet of buying property, second only to cost. If you are buying one on loan, then you need to check for pre-approved properties. That way, you can be sure that you are purchasing the right property. Decide the amount that you have in hand and the part that you will be borrowing. The agreement is an integral part of the deal.

Check if the transfer rights lie with the developer or seller. If the developer built the property on someone else’s land, there should be an agreement or power of attorney for that. These are a few basics. If you want to get the whole deal done hassle-free, connect with a lawyer.

These are a few of the factors that you need to consider while buying property. If you connect with the right developer and a property management firm, you can get the home sooner with fewer woes.

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