Common Mistakes to Avoid When Posting Bail

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Posting bail saves you the stress that comes with spending time behind bars. If you lack experience with the justice system and posting bail, you should not make mistakes. You have to be careful to work with the right bail bond company. You must also be keen not to jeopardize your release. What are some of the most typical mistakes people make, and how can you avoid them?

Giving False Information

You must not lie to either the court or the bail bondsman you would be working with. The questions the court and the company ask help determine whether you are dependable and whether you are going to meet all obligations. False information would only see your request denied. Indeed, you can still get away with giving inaccurate info. However, this increases the chances of the revocation of the bond. Understand that receiving correspondence via a friend might not be an option. If you lack a permanent address, you should be honest about it.

Choosing the Wrong Bail Bond Company

You would be desperate to get out of jail after arrest. This can make you choose the bond company you come across first. This will be a mistake because only the right bail bondsman in Gastonia, North Carolina, can offer outstanding services. For best results, it is vital to research a potential provider before choosing them. While saving money would be welcome, beware of extremely cheap providers. Consider seeking the advice of your attorney.

Delaying Securing Your Bail


If you are arrested late at night, you are likely to decide to wait until the following day to contact a bond company. While it is wrong, you will be spending unnecessary time in jail. Understand that securing bail can be a lengthy process. You will have loads of paperwork to fill. Working with the court will also eat into your time. If a co-signer would be required, finding one would take time, as well. Since most bail bonds companies work round the clock, you ought to contact one immediately after talking to your attorney.

Choosing the Wrong Co-signer

If you are facing serious charges or you have a criminal record, your bail is likely to be high. While most bond companies can supply any bail amount, they will need to protect themselves. Most of them require collateral. If you cannot meet the financial obligation, you will need to choose a co-signer. Since the bondsman has to approve whomever you want, you should not make any mistakes when choosing a co-signer. You should focus on individuals with proof of residency, proof of employment, and an identification card.

Missing Your Court Date

Most people assume that their cases are closed once they secure release on bail. Understand that you will only be free if you comply with all terms and conditions set. Appearing in court on a specific date is among the requirements you must abide by. Failure to appear in court will result in imprisonment and the revocation of your bail money. You should also not travel out of town because it can look suspicious.

Being arrested can be scary, especially if it is your first time. To avoid regrets later, do not make any rash decision seeking to get out of jail as fast as possible. After securing your release on bail, you should keep your head low until your case is over, whether you are guilty or not.

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