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Wooden Shingles: Are They Worth the Purchase?

When you’re living in a wooden log cabin or want to build your vacation home way up in the steep slopes of the rocky mountains, you will need to use the right materials to resist harsh weather conditions while giving you the right amount of insulation.

Wooden shingles are considered a timeless classic, both having the best of both worlds: function and form. If you’re looking for a durable and long-lasting material that can easily stave off extreme low temperatures and conserve heat, these types of shingles should be right up your alley.

Types of Wooden Shingles and their Benefits

For centuries, wood is known for being one of the most common construction materials in the market, only second to concrete. Since it’s quite abundant, it’s also one of the most cost-effective.

It’s also important to note that different types of hardwood are used as building materials. Most of the time, trees native to the United States are the most abundant, such as cedar. But you can also find different variants that are harvested from different parts of the globe.

Although most of these materials are quite resistant to pests, termites are still known for having a voracious appetite for any wooden material. You might need to get your cabin checked out by pest control before setting up your wood roof.

But other than being cost-effective, what else are the benefits of using each variant of shingles?

Cedar Shingles

Composite Wood Shingles

Teak Shingles

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In terms of pricing, cedar shingles are known for being the cheapest option. Teak shingles will often cost four to five times more than the original price of cedar shingles. Wallaba shingles will cost you around 1.30 times the average rate of shingles.

It’s also worth noting that the price will vary for each state. Since Cedar is native to the United States and is widely produced, it’s the iconic workhorse that most builders use.

Since wood is known for being one of the most abundant building materials in the market, it is also used in constructing different aspects of your home. Still, it’s one of the best-known materials for the roof. Although a bit unconventional, it still gets the job done while still having a multitude of different benefits.

Like any material in the market, each type of wooden shingle has its unique, innate trait. But overall, cedar shingles are the workhorse of almost any kind of a wood roof in the United States. Whether you want to have a rustic finish for your living space or setting up your log cabin, cedar shingles are the go-to material.

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