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DIY Nuggets: Up Your Home’s Resale Value without Burning Dollars

In a way, DIYs are a lifesaver. At a time when the virus is still in full swing, taking time to upgrade your home can be just the break you need. With COVID-19 giving us a headache that seems to never stop, keeping yourself busy can be just the medicine you need to ward off mental health issues. So be ready to roll up your sleeves and take on the role of a DIY specialist. With all the time in the world, doing so should be a breeze.

However, a word of caution. Taking on these DIY projects for your precious abode may get you overboard. While it may boost your sense of control in these challenging times, you may forget cost considerations. Do your due diligence before you set your sails forward. Research shows many DIY by eager homeowners end up at the hands of professionals. In short, they bite more than you chew. And end up paying more.

Fortunately, there are DIY projects that boost your home value without that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In doing so, you not only bring greater comfort to your home but also increase its chances of being sold at a better price. Here’s 4.

Light Up

It may sound simple. But lighting plays a central role in defining your personal space. Interior designers agree that lighting in a precious abode is way more important than we perceive it to be. For one, a room’s illumination need not just be a question of function but it can also be a way to improve your room’s overall aesthetics. And while there is what we call functional lighting, there’s also accent lighting to bring about greater effects.

To make your DIY happen, rid yourself of old fixtures and in their stead install new ones. Putting in the mix dimmer switches can be just the mood-setter you need to get things going.

Even better, you can incorporate smart lights into the picture. By doing so, you put your precious abode well into the 21st century. Most importantly, you save on your power bill.

Leading real estate marketplace reports reveal homes which integrated smart lights into their adobe sold 7 days faster than usual. So does a slew of features to make you a rustic chic.

Up Your Faucets

Resale value indeed is a tricky thing. But it’s all based on perception. That’s exactly why timely DIYs do matter. And another impressive way to do this is via your faucets.

Have you been to a hotel where the faucets don’t have handles to turn? Well, those are touchless faucets. Indeed, this kitchen DIY is adorable. Plus, in the age of the virus, this means you won’t have to worry about anybody touching your faucet. Just put a hand under the spout and you get the water you need.

A touchless faucet translates into a germ-free home. The good news is you won’t need the expertise of a plumber to get it done. Installing it can be a walk in the park.

Now if you’re starting to worry selling your precious abode might take time, don’t fret. You can get the expertise of a real estate agent and have it listed. Even better, you can tap into companies whose main business is to buy a house. You not only get a quick professional assessment of your property but you also can get the sale done in no time at all.

Landscape Well

landscape garden

With all the attention the virus is taking up in our consciousness, it’s no surprise everyone wants to have ample space to live. All that talk about social distancing and people dying every day has created a fear of small spaces in people all over the land. That’s why it would be wise if you DIY your front yard well.

It’s true. It’s more critical than ever before that you spruce up your front space and in the process show an eye-popping garden that everyone can relax into. A green thumb should bid you well in this journey.

Take note there’s a lot of work to be done here. You will have to spend time in your yard perhaps a little more. It’s better that you let the brood help you. Homes listed with a gorgeous landscape in their description command a far better price than those which don’t.

Paint that Front Door

Curb appeal matters in selling your real estate. It’s one quick way to up your chances to make that sale happen in no time at all. That’s because the view from the street can impress a visitor to see more.

While there is a slew of ways to boost your curb appeal, painting your front door can be the quickest, not to mention the cheapest. Indeed, a fresh glassy coat applied to your exterior door can go a long way in getting those looks. You’d be surprised how much such a simple DIY can be of great help.

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