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Corded vs. Cordless Which Home Vacuum System is Right For You?

Vacuum cleaners have a long history of being one of the most effective tools a household can use to clean up dirt and messes. For so long, they were only powered by being connected to your home’s outlet with a cord. With technology progressing as it is, cordless vacuums have become more popular and suddenly have given homeowners much more choice in their home vacuum system.

The video embedded reviews two vacuums from a brand that offers the same model in both corded and cordless options.

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All features are the same except for how the unit is powered. The first test they conducted was a suction test, showing which has more power. The experts were quite surprised that the cordless unit was able to produce more suction power than the corded model. It was also able to pick up more of the mess than the corded vacuum.

Next, the expert tested the ergonomics of both vacuums, experimenting on how freely you can move around while using it, and how easy it is to operate. The cordless vacuum not only was not bound by a cord, but it also had a few different attachments and options for modularity that made this the obvious winner in the test.

Of course, depending on the brand of the vacuum or trim level, these results could be different. Use this review to make a more educated decision next time you’re shopping for a home vacuum system.

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